So I decided to go on an adventure…now what?

It’s easy to sit back in your comfy home and say, I think I will go on an adventure. It is a whole other ball game to actually do it. Yes I have made the conscious decision to go on a life changing adventure, but now how do I go about it. Well good thing I’m a scientist, because I automatically did research, then I did some more research, you know, for good measure. When I first decided that I was going to do this, I wasn’t really sure that I was going to go through with this. It is much like that time, when I said I wanted to learn to play the piano. Did I ever try to take a lesson, or purchase a keyboard? NOPE! However, when I made the decision to loose weight, I immediately joined a Crossfit gym. The point I am trying to make is I didn’t know if adventuring would be a piano dream or a loose weight dream.

I took a lot of time to look things up, and read about other people’s adventures. I must admit almost if not all of them sounded incredible and fantastic. It only made me crave adventuring more. Some did stress the hardships of being a nomad, and the uncertainty that a nomadic lifestyle can bring. Still the pros seemed to outweigh the cons. In the words of138896-bear-grylls Bear Grylls “If you risk nothing, you gain nothing.” Taking those words to heart, I decided to do something rather bold. In fact I can admit that I have never done anything like this before.

After doing a lot of research and taking a trip up to central California to sit upon a peak and think about this decision, I finally decided to do it, and commit to it. So what did I decide to do that I thought was risky and that is something that I have never done? I bought a one way ticket to Alaska. Yep that is right Alaska, the last American frontier. Why did I pick Alaska? Simple I always wanted to work on a fishing boat, pic00415-3and go on a great salmon run. Plus the ability to make some decent cash for a couple of months seems like a good gamble. At the very least I come back home knowing that I gave it a try, and that is something that I will not regret. Now I must keep trying to contact fishing boat captains and try to convince them why they should hire this greenhorn. If you know someone, that can help please let me know.

At the time of me writing this entry, I have not told anyone about my decision, and I don’t know when I will. It should be soon, because I leave in May, which is only 5 months away. Those 5 months are going to fly by, I just know it. So there it is, I just told strangers of my plans to head for Alaska, and I haven’t even told any of my best friends or family. This is going to be hard, but I think I may be blowing it out of proportion and over thinking it. More than likely when I do tell them I will get “That’s cool” as a response. Which is better than “WHAT?!”.  Well whenever it happens I will be sure to tell you what the outcome was. Until next time, adventure awaits! 


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