Phase I

So if you have read my first post you know all about the Alaska plan. If not well I have the crazy idea of working the Salmon runs this summer in Alaska. If all goes well then my first portion of my plan will follow.

I need a vehicle, one that will be my home for however long this trip endures. That being said, no ordinary car will do. I need something that is basically good for all situations, something that gets decent gas millage, and has plenty of room for my gear, and a companion or two plus their stuff. So I’m thinking about buying a van.11-25-13_Explorer_Van_Co_047_337 Yeah I know, weird bearded guy in a van, yeah that’s not suspicious. Needless to say for my own safety and to avoid suspicion I will not be parking near any schools. Any how, I would really like a camper van but if I can’t afford that than a basic one will do. Between what I have saved now, and what I make in the summer, I may find myself in Ohio near the beginning of fall (there is a good converted van dealer there). So that leaves me between the mid west and the east coast. 

I’m thinking of heading to mid west first. I know someone in the Chicago area, and it’s been sometime since we have seen each other, so it might be time to visit her, and take her on an adventure. I think I’ll show up on her doorstep and say something along the lines of gandalf“I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure.” I hear there are some incredible caves in southern part of Illinois. So that is something I will definitely like to check out.

Oh I cannot wait to begin this adventure! It’s going to be fantastic! But for now, I must stay focused and save up, because my adventure awaits!


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