I should be studying but…

So this weekend has been, well it’s been a little stressful. Once again finals are upon me, and I have waited to the last minute to study and finish any projects that are due. Procrastination is not my friend, and each time I put things off, I swear I’ll never do it again.

This time it’s different. This time I keep dreaming about exploring mountains, trekking through the woods, 038and meeting lots of new people and little towns that have fallen to the side since interstates were created. Each time I begin to day dream I have to snap myself back to reality. Reality can be very harsh, as you may already know. Still every time you experience it, it feels like the first time. It’s like jumping into the cold pacific ocean. You know it’s cold but you forget that it’s that cold. 

I keep thinking about how my time here is short and I still have lots to do before I leave. There are many faces I need to see, and many local places I need to revisit just so I can see them before I leave. I know I will be back, and in the long run my trip won’t be that long. Still a lot can change in my projected one year trip.470336_3663690064846_1134808599_o I still haven’t figured everything out. I don’t know what places I will see, and when I will see them. I just have a list of places I must see, and an unwritten list of things I will end up seeing. I think the unwritten list is the best, because I don’t know exactly what will happen there. All I know is I’m going to hop in a van and trek across the country. Most of the time I’ll be by myself, and sometimes I’ll briefly have a companion. 



I’ve started to hit up old friends that live in other states to tease the idea of adventure, but I’m also excited for meeting someone new, and sharing in an adventure with. Sure not any ol’ body will do, but someone who has that certain thing about them. Something that can only be felt and not seen, yet you know it when you see it. More about that in the page titled Companion, in case you are interested.   

Oh well I should get back to studying as time waits for no man, and soon tomorrow will be upon me and I will need to have something to show for it. Until next time, adventure awaits!


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