Positive Feedback

Today has been great! Earlier this week I sent out some feelers for getting a job on a salmon fishing boat, and tonight I received positive feedback. I got some emails from some possible job opportunities. This really made me feel great, to hear possibilities already, granted nothing is set in stone, and in fact i wasn’t offered a job yet. Still, none the less I heard back from some people in the industry and they gave me some advice on me being a crew member. I must admit, being eager and able to cook might be paying off, as I might be getting the chance to speak/write with a captain.

I know that this isn’t a sure thing, and only time will tell if this will really pay off. They have plenty of time before the season starts and nothing is ever set in stone. Yet, 977468_4513881218960_1893298052_oI am happy in the fact that I received some responses already. My Alaska plan is looking better and better as time goes by. I’m feeling really good about this, as it might just work out after all. I know landing a job is one thing, and actually making money from the run, is another. I can only hope the salmon are plenty, and we are able to catch a lot of fish. My adventure really counts on the salmon run to go well. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed and wishing on a star, and doing my best to save money. I don’t want this to be a bust, but i realize it isn’t what I want that is going to change anything. I need to make it happen, or else it never will. 

It is strange coming home to such exciting news, after having a great night with some of 970014_491997457545065_543805121_nmy best friends. Knowing that i’m going to miss going to a local watering hole, and sharing some stories and tots with them. It is also going to be different being so far from home, and being alone. It’s hard thinking about it, but at the same time i am equally excited for my adventure. I long for the days of traveling through mountains and wondering through the woods. I am eager to see new faces and make   new stories. My family and friends will always be in my heart, but my heart longs for the open road.


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