A Path Most Traveled

Summer is coming and as I get closer and closer to taking that one way trip to Alaska, the more I try to do in Southern California while I’m here. Fortunately because of the Holidays I’ve been able to see my families, both the family I was born into, and the family I chose. The family I chose to have is a small collected group of people that I consider my best friends. These are people that I can take my armor off when I’m around, people who see a side of me that most will never see. They mean a lot to me and sometimes when I’m thinking about the near future and the adventure I will be going on, I become sadden when I realize all the people I will be leaving behind. Still I’m anxiously awaiting for the Spring and all the possibilities the Summer will have instore for me.


This past Sunday I spent the afternoon hiking the trails near the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. I must admit that even though I have lived in the area my whole life I’ve never hiked any of the trails near the observatory. Mainly because it is such a crowded trail. Everyone in the city goes there, especially when the weather is nice. Plus it is too close to downtown in my opinion, even though the view of the skyline is beautiful, I would prefer to have a view of mountain ranges and valleys. Still since I plan on leaving, and I’m not sure if and when I’ll be back to California, I decided to do it. Mainly for the great company and partially for the ability to say I hiked at the LA hotspot for hiking.

I’m not saying I will not go through with my adventure because I will miss them. I’m just saying that leaving them is going to be a little tough, but that’s life. We would just end up going our separate ways when we go to different colleges, and we were all ready to transfer anyways. Like my friend reminded me, it’s not like we won’t be friends, and you know we will always find a way to meet up, no matter what life throws at us. I felt much better after coming to that revelation. It was as if a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and I once again felt at peace.

The day was beautiful, the sun was warm and CYMERA_20131230_230359being bathed in its rays was amazing on this late December day. The wind was mild and cool, as it came in over the nearby ocean. I could feel the wind gently flowing through my hair and beard. The sky wasn’t that smoggy either. You could see for miles in all directions, something that is very rare for Los Angeles. As I walked and converse with my friends I kept thinking that I was going to miss this. I have been to many places, hiked many trails, and shared many stories without them. Now to think that soon I won’t have them with me is a little heart breaking.

As the sun began to sink in the sky and become ever closer to reaching the ocean we CYMERA_20131230_230549decided to head back to our friends house. We began to walk through the sea of people in front of the observatory and then we snaked our way down the crowded path that lead to where our cars were parked. I was reminded of why I don’t like hiking in these hills. You just don’t get that connection with nature there. There are people and cars everywhere and at no point do you ever have a fear of getting lost. Still even a bad trail can become a good trail if you have the right company, and at least I can now say that I have hiked the trail leading to the observatory, and I know I will always cherish the memories of that day.


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