Adventure in Death Valley

IMG_20140104_084045_526Death Valley is a magical place, that most would steer clear from. It’s very name can strike fear in the hearts of the mundane, but for those of us who find real beauty in nature, it is a wonderful place. Where the desert seems endless and hostile, but at the same time delicate and beautiful. There are mountains everywhere all with their own secrets, and all yearning to be explored. The beauty of the desert is breath taking here, and I am glad I spent the first weekend of the new year here.

IMG_20140105_114315_467Along with a small group of friends I decided to head back to the desert while the weather is still cool, and the sun feels good instead of unbearable. We decided to go explore the abandon mines near the national park. Not in hopes of finding treasure such as gold, but merely because our curiosity had driven us to the point where we had to see the inside of the mines for ourselves.

While I don’t condone exploring abandon mines, as they can often be dangerous, we did recon and research before hand so we had weighed out the risks, and if a tunnel seemed to dangerous, then we would not explore it. With that in mind, we were off to see the mines.

IMG_20140104_110503_410We spent two days and three nights in the desert, exploring caves and climbing up peaks by day, stargazing and campfire stories by night. The greatest thing about camping, in my opinion, is how it strengthens bonds. I began the trip camping with two of my best friends, and another friend from class. By the end of the trip I had camped with three of my best friends.

There is something magical about enjoying the great outdoors with good company, I can’t even describe it. Looking at a landscape from the top of a peak with three great companions is indescribable. I don’t think we as humans have evolved enough to create a word that would best describe the feeling you get with that kind of experience.


It always seems a little strange to me that the hardest part of a camping trip, is the journey IMG_20140104_154954_239back home. We all wanted to stay longer. Neither of us wanted to leave the desert and go back to our regular lives. Yet it is something that we must do, at least for now. Soon my life will be filled with nothing but adventure, and maybe, just maybe when that happens, I still won’t want to go back home.


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