A Short Hike with a Friend

I become restless when being indoors for too long. Especially after going camping out in the middle of nowhere. That being said I called up one of my best friends to go on a short hike. She is going to be leaving soon, and when she get’s back I’ll be heading to Alaska, so I figured why not spend some time with a good friend while I can.

IMG_20140109_123046_608We decided to do a short trail close to home. Thankfully when you live in Southern California, a decent trail is only a stone throw away. We set off at mid-day to hit our trail as it only took us minutes to drive to the location. The hike itself was short and sweet. It had a big incline in the beginning that took you to the top of the hill. From there you can see the valley that we live in below, as well as views of the majestic 210 and 57 freeways. Or at least partially as the weather was hazy and cloudy. It wasn’t really smoggy, we just had a lot of overcast that hadn’t burnt off yet. Still the view was fantastic.


As we set off on another trail to take us down we traveled through some trees in the valley of the hills. This part was definitely my favorite. There were red tail hawks soaring above, screeching as the circled about. The trees grew on the sides of the path, creating some shade with their canopies. In some parts of the trail rock outcrops could be seen, giving a hint to the geologic make up of the land. I love looking at the rocks, they always have a story tell.

Soon the trail ended and we found ourselves among some horse stables. If felt as if we were being greeted by friendly horses as they picked up their heads to look at us with wonder. It reminded us both of times when we had horses and we shared stories of our horses. We shared a lot of stories that day.

Looking back it seems bitter sweet to me. All this time I’ve been planing and preparing to leave everyone behind and go on a big adventure, only to have a good friend to be accepted to go off on one for herself. I am very joyous for her and her opportunity. I just thought I was going to have these last few months with my closest group of friends before I left on my adventure. At least another of my best friends isn’t leaving, even though his internship takes up a lot of time, we always find a way to hang out. Whether we are just hanging out and having a beer or we are out on a short camping adventure we always have a blast.

Well come what may, these next few months is all I have until I return. It’s sort of strange really. A big part of me cannot wait for that day in May when I fly to the last frontier, and a small part of me is sad for the ones I’m leaving behind. I’m going to miss these friends, as they have become my family. I don’t see them as friends, I see them as family, the family I chose.


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